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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2005|04:11 pm]

It seems our boy Ben is a  hot  topic  this  week, . . .

Affleck & Neo Art Invent Time Travel

Source: Variety
March 23, 2005

In a deal that grew out of Project Greenlight, Ben Affleck and Neo Art & Logic partners Joel Soisson and Mike Leahy have optioned Rick Carr's script Does Anybody Here Remember When Hanz Gubenstein Invented Time Travel?, reports Variety.

The sci-fi comedy was one of three final scripts under consideration to be produced for the third season of "Greenlight," which airs on Bravo.

Instead, the series is following the production of horror film Feast, written by Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton, which Dimension Films will release this fall. Soisson and Leahy are producing the movie, along with Affleck and Matt Damon.

The other losing finalist, Wildcard by Marshal Moseley, was optioned by Wes Craven through his Craven/Maddalena Films production company.

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(no subject) [Mar. 8th, 2005|11:33 pm]

Title: 'The Second Time'
Author: Retorick
Pairing: Matt Damon/ Ben Affleck
Disclaimer: This  is  all  a  fabrication  of  the  author's imagination.  None  of  the  following  actually  happened
Rating: R-ish 
Comments: Please  tell  me  if  I  this  is  any  good, brutal  honesty  welcome!
Summary: For  Button  Challenge       

Panting  hard, Matt bit down  on  Ben’s  hard  collarbone  to keep  himself  from  giving  a  voice  to  the  incredible  rush  of  ecstasy he was  feeling  right  now.  One  hand  on  Ben’s  chest, pinning  him  to  the  wall  of  the  rickety  trailer, the  other  clawing  his  strong  back.  He  felt  like  a drifter  who  had  finally  come  home, . . .pressed  up  against  his  best  friend, the  warmth  of  their  bodies  coming  together  in  a  mess  of  cum, sweat, heaving chests, . . .love.


Nuzzling  his  face  into  the  cleft  in  Ben’s  chest  Matt  mumbled, “Should  we  get  back  to  the  shoot?”


“Fuck  no” said  Ben, as  he  took  Matt’s  face  in  his  hands  and  kissed  him  hard, running  his  hands  through  his  light, clean  smelling  hair,


“Believe  me  Ben,” Matt  said, out  of  breath, cracking  that  small  smile  that  made  Ben  tremble, “there’s  nothing  I’d  like  better  than  to  fuck  you  til’  your  hoarse” he  pulled  Ben  closer, taking  a  tight  grip  on  his  toned  ass.


Ben  kissed  him, this  time  gently, “But, . . .?” he  asked  coyly. 


Matt  started  to   fidget  nervously, “Well, . . .we’re  kinda  at  work  right  now” he  glanced  quickly  at  the  door, “and  if  we  get  caught, . . .”


“Well  look  at  you  being  all  responsible” Ben  took  in  the  beads  of  sweat  that  sprinkled  Matt’s  beautiful  neck  and  chest, making  him  shine, “you  have  no  idea  how  hot  that  is  Matty” , “Ben  wait, . . .”  the  end  of  his  sentence  was  lost  as  Ben  took  hold  of  his  aching  cock.  Matt’s  head  rolled  back, his  eyes  towards  the  heavens, a  deep  growl  resonating  deep  inside  his  chest.  “Oh  fuck, . . .Ben, . . .fuck!, . . . stop, wait, stop”  Matt  took  Ben’s  hand  and  moved  it  up  and  away  from  his  erection. 


Seeing  Ben’s  confusion  and  disappointment, he  laced  sticky  fingers  with  him.  To  Matt, this  was  somehow  more  intimate  than  anything  that  they  had  just  done, “I’m  sorry  Benny  but,” he  leaned  his  forehead  against  his, “this  is  only  the  second  time  we’ve  done  this, . . .ever  and, . . .” his  eyes  flashed  ice  blue  as  he  linked  gazes  with  Ben, “I  love  it, . . .I  love  you, . . .and  I  don’t  want  this  to  get  out, not  because  of  our  careers, or  the  press, none  of  that  shit  matters  to  me  anymore” He  took  Ben’s  face  in  his  hands, thumbs  gently  smoothing  the  strong  cheekbones, “I  want  you  for  myself, . . .subconciously, we’ve  waited  so  long  for  this,” he  smiled, “and  now  that  we  finally  have  it, I  don’t  want  to  share  you  with  anyone  else, . . . you’re  too  special  to  me”


He  paused, losing  his  nerve  a  little “Maybe  we’re  moving  too  fast”


“No  Matt,” Ben  said, loving  him  more  and  more, “I  love  you  too”, they  kissed, . . .hard, wet, fiery, meaningful.


“I  totally  get  you  man,” Ben  said, “ you  want  the  real  me  just  as  completely  as  I  want  the  real  you” Ben  kissed  Matt  on  the  cheek, which  made  him  blush  of  all  things! “We  won’t  tell  anyone, . . .I  promise” Matt  took  both  Ben’s  hands  and  kissed  them, “Thank  You”.


            “So,” said  Matt, clapping  his  hands  together, all  business “We’ll  finish  the  damn  photo  shoot, go  to  dinner, aaand, . . .” Matt  drew  closer  to  Ben, who  was  now  sitting, sending  a  stream  of  his  hot  breath  onto  the  back  of  Ben’s  neck, “call  it  a  boys  night  in” he  said  raising  his  eyebrows  up  and  down  goofily.


Abruptly, the  door  to  the  trailer  banged  open  with  a  finalizing  crash, “O.k.  guys  we  ready  to-Oh  God, . . .” The  puzzled  director  took  in  the  scene  before  him, a  shirtless  Matt  Damon, pants  undone, abs  shinning  with, . . .something, leaning  dangerously  close  to  a  half  naked  Ben, who  had  miraculously  shoved  his  large  erection  back  into  his  undone  pants, the  whole  room  pungent  with  the  smell  of  sex.  The  director  took  a  big, calming  sigh, “Ummm, . . .”


Ben  began  to  panic.  There  were  simply  no  words  to  explain  this!  All  those  things  they  had  promised  each  other, . . .gone, and  all  because  he  didn’t  have  the  fucking  restraint  to  wait  just  a  little  longer!!! Matt’s  heart  beat  at  lightning  speed, the  pain  and  embarrassment  of  discovery  making  his  chest  muscles  tight, the  bottom  of  his  stomach  falling  into  oblivion, . . .he  was  gonna  be  sick!


            Taking  decisive  action, Ben  sprang  off  the  table  he’d  been  sitting  on, not  urgently, not  panicking  any  longer, but  nonchalantly  and  with  complete  confidence, “We  gonna  do  this  thing  or  what?!” said  Ben, throwing  a  shirt  to  Matt, which  he  was  too  frozen  to  catch  so  it  ended  up  sticking  to  his  cum  smeared  abs. 


The  director’s  face  pinched  suspiciously, “What’s  going  on?”


Oh  shit, Matt  thought, “Um, . . .” he  stammered, “We  were, . . .” WE  WERE  WHAT !!! What  could  possibly  be  said  to  fix  this? “Ahem, shirts!” coughed  Ben  helpfully, “Yes  shirts, . . .uuhh,” gaining  courage  from  Ben  Matt  continued, “The  colors  you  picked  were  shit, . . .they didn’t  uuuhh, . . .they  didn’t  go  with  the  background  at  all  so, . . .we  chose  these  instead” at  this, he  unstuck  the  shirt  that  had  been  clinging  to  his  stomach  muscles  unsupported  this  whole  time, “We’ll  be  right  out” Ben  said  simply, putting  on  his  shirt.


The  director  looked  at  the  both  of  them  for  the  longest  three  seconds  of  all  time, “Just  get  out  there, we’ve  got  one  more  and  then you’re  off”, with one  last  scrutinizing  look, he  left, slamming  the  door.


            Complete  and  awkward  silence  ensued  as  Matt  put  his  shirt  on, leaving  it  unbuttoned  he  turned  to  Ben, “That  was  fuckin’  close!”


Ben  snorted  and  smiled  in  response, “Well  at  least  we  don’t  have  to  tell  him  you’re  gay,” he  adopted  a  high  pitched, nasal  voice, ‘the  shirts  don’t  go  with  the  background’, for  Fuck’s  sake  Matty!” He  smiled  and  laughed, Ben  was  most  beautiful  when  he  laughed, “Fuck  you man!” Matt  said  playfully.  They  laughed  together, the  best  of  friends, the  closest  of  lovers, “C’mon,” Ben  said, “let’s  get  out  there” they  buttoned  their  shirts  and  walked  out.




The  knuckles  of  Ben’s  hand  brushed  tenderly  across  Matt’s  under  the  bar.  Their  eyes  found  each  other, and  they  reveled  in  their  love.  They  clasped   hands  and  sat  there, quietly  enjoying  the  touch  and  warmth  of  each  other’s  hands.  Just  then, Casey  came  up  to  them  holding  a  magazine.  Ben  moved  to  unclasp  hands, but  Matt  held  it, he  never  wanted  to  part  with  him.


“Guys  look, your  pictures  are  up!” said  Casey.


“Awesome, let  me  see”  said  Matt, taking  the  magazine  from  Casey.


They  leaned  in  close  to  look, Ben  intentionally  rubbing  his  stubbly  cheek  against  Matt’s  strong, shaven  one.  No  one  but  Casey  was  really  looking  at  the  pictures, the  other  two  simply  enjoyed  the  memories  of  that  day, . . .and  then, . . .


“Hey  Matt, . . .do  you  realize  your   pants  are  undone  in  one  of  these?!” said  Casey, laughing  a  little.


Matt  and  Ben  swiveled, “What?!”


“You  didn’t  know?! HA!” Casey  was  full  out  laughing  now, “right  there  look.” He  said, pointing.


Sure  enough, at  the  bottom  corner  were  Matt’s  undone  pants, a   sliver  of  skin  peeking  through.


“What  happened  man? You  just  take  a  piss or  somethin’?” said  Casey.


“Yeah” Matt  said   absently, holding  back  laughter  at  the  situation.


Ben  was  enjoying  himself  as   well, “Well  anyway, people  will  dig  it, . . .”cocking  his  head, “looks  pretty  hot” he  said, nodding  approvingly.


“It  was  hot”  said  Matt  huskily,


“I  know”  Ben  whispered  knowingly, they  smiled  at  each  other.


Casey  looked  from one  to  the  other, completely  lost, “O.k.  ‘cause  that  doesn’t  sound  gay  at  all!” said  Casey, taking  a  drink.  Matt  and  Ben  said  nothing, they  were  just  looking, just  feeling  the  warm  bubbles  deep  inside.  Relishing  in  the  beginnings  of  something  special  and  new.

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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2005|07:02 pm]
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God he's hot, no?!
You're welcome, . . .
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Writing [Feb. 26th, 2005|01:02 am]
You're an Angst writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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First Entry [Feb. 12th, 2005|03:08 pm]
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Don't mind me, . . .

I'm not even here, . . .

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